Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes

Offering the best of land and sea, of all the Trincomalee hotels this luxury Sri Lanka beach resort simply known as Jungle Beach has artfully incorporated existing trees and natural plant life into the hotel’s design, making you feel like you’re in a luxurious tree house.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to this magnificent establishment:

Three choices of rooms are available at the truly unique Trincomalee hotel, facing the beach, the lagoon or fully immersed in the jungle, where you can still hear the lapping of the waves mixed with the songs of birds.

Follow the teak walkways and stepping stones to find your way to the rustic dining area open to the sea breezes. Whilst crossing the bridge over the lotus pond to the bar and then onto the floating platform for lounge chairs by the pool, the waterfall heightens the sense that you have escaped into a tropical jungle oasis.

Located close to Trincomalee, this ocean beach resort is one that offers a blend of luxury and exciting adventure activities, as well as sightseeing opportunities that provide a glimpse into an ancient civilization and a rich cultural heritage. Several noteworthy nearby attractions in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka worth exploring include:


Snorkeling with reef fish, diving with whales, jet skiing, or sailing off the coast of Kuchchaveli.


Hot springs at Kannya that have a beautiful legend connected to the mythical king of Lanka, Ravana.


Koneswaram temple, the temple of a thousand columns, with its breathtaking location atop a cliff 400 feet above the sea which attracts both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.


Lover’s Leap, which is an attraction that owes its name to the real-life tragedy of Francina Van Reed who jumped to her death because her Dutch officer fiancée broke off their engagement.

So, have you fallen in love yet?

If you’re still undecided, just wait until you read my experience!


    • HOW LONG I STAYED THERE: 2 nights, 03/07/17 to 05/07/17
    • WHO I WENT WITH: My family – consisting of 4 adults
    • ROOM TYPES: 2 Jungle Cabins – nearest to the beach
    • BOARD STATUS: Half




      • The cabin was absolutely impeccable. It was spotlessly clean and felt incredibly spacious and fresh, and yet it was rather cosy and welcoming. A high-quality air conditioner was fitted strategically in the room (so as not to give you a cold when you wake up the next morning!) with the addition of a classic overhead fan. The bed was extremely comfortable and roomy enough for two people.


      • There were two showers: one indoors and one just outdoors. I know, it probably seems very daunting to have a shower outside, let alone in the middle of a jungle, but believe me when I say that it’s completely secluded and safe – trust me, I checked! It was one of the more organic moments of my stay – which probably seems like a strange thing to say. But it felt like you were connected to nature in such an intimate and comforting way, with the sun’s soft rays shining down on you and birds calling out in the trees right next to you – such a welcome change from my busy urban lifestyle. Honestly, it was simply a once in a life time experience. {I’d just like to add that their soaps gave me the softest and lushest-smelling hair ever!}

      • The cabin had much fewer insects/animals than I imagined there would be. I mean, think about it, you’re in the middle of a jungle. Of course, you’re definitely going to be surrounded by wildlife! But inside our cabin, there were only two ants and a single, tiny lizard. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise!


    • SERVICE:

      • The staff were so courteous and friendly, looking after your every need as a guest. Unlike the other hotels we had been staying in, it was easy to tell that the service was absolutely genuine and from the drawn from the heart – quite honestly, it felt like a home from home.

      • My family and I instantly connected to the sincere members of staff, and I’m sure that we have made long-lasting attachments that will guarantee our repeat custom to the establishment!

    • FOOD:

      • Okay, if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love my foodto the extent where I should really consider being a professional critic. So I know good food when I taste it.

      • Let me tell you now, this food was not good. “Good” is too inadequate of a word to describe the sheer wonder my taste buds experienced for the first time. It was simply exquisite.

        • BREAKFAST: There is an initial “breakfast tray” that is provided for you, made up of a selection of pastries, fruits and freshly made organic yoghurt. After that, you are able to choose from a set menu, which consists of an array of both continental and native cuisines. I tried one of each and they were absolutely delicious!

        • DINNER: I was quite excited to experience some more exceptional cuisine, especially after the positive impression that the breakfast meal had given me. And I was not disappointed in the slightest! The meal consisted of four courses that were artistically presented – I felt as though I was dining in an exotic Michelin-starred restaurant. By the end of the meal, my body and soul felt satiated. It’s certainly true that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach – I was simply in love!


      • BEACH: My family and I spent a lot of time relaxing by the beach, swimming in the sea and, of course, I made the largest sandcastle I could possibly create! That beach was picturesque and very clean. Unlike many of the other beaches in Sri Lanka, I found that the coast in Trincomalee had the softest sand and the calmest tides.


      • POOL: The pool was stunning and included a beautiful mini waterfall which completed the authentic, relaxing atmosphere. I spent a large part of my stay in here, I have to admit!


      • GYM: My sister and I tried out the gym together during our first morning. It was located in a small separate building that especially dedicated to it. There were an array of machines that seemed to be of the latest technology, including a TV screen in the corner. We spent at least an hour there and left feeling re-energised!

      • JET SKIING: On the morning of our last day, my sister went jet skiing for the first time, (whilst I, on the other hand, took a relaxing shower outside and went for a walk around the site!). Apparently, she thoroughly enjoyed herself – it was an incredible memory to have made!


      • All in all, I was completely taken aback by how much of a hidden gem this resort is! Even though it’s a relatively new hotel, I cannot believe how modern and honest its foundations are.

      • I was lucky enough to be able to have a personal tour around the grounds, which enabled me to clearly see how the resort is run responsibly, both socially and environmentally.

        • SOCIAL ASPECTS: The Uga Jungle Beach Resort take in many of the local people, training them extensively in the profession of hospitality before employing them as staff. This, in turn, encourages the cultivation of the local economy and advances the future prospects of the generations from the villages. There is a real sense of community within the staff, which consequently translates into genuine service towards the guests. The staff have their own quarters and facilities on site, including their own garden – all of which are impeccably maintained.

        • ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS: Within the estate, there are many fruit trees and gardens, from which the hotel grow their own produce to incorporate into their native cuisine. Even the beautiful wild flowers that are found on the site are arranged artfully on the dining tables. In addition, they have their own water purifier, generator and solar panels on each of the Jungle Cabins, which promote sustainability and renewable energy in a number of ways.

water purifier



    • 10 – Quite honestly, I was (and still am) astonished at the pure basis on which this establishment is standing. I have stayed in multiple hotels across Sri Lanka, but the manner in which the environment and staff are maintained and the quality of the service provided at Jungle Beach vastly outperforms any other resort.

    • I will most certainly be revisiting Jungle Beach again repeatedly in the future!

I hope my review has persuaded you to go and visit the luxurious Jungle Beach Resort by Uga Escapes!

If you feel inspired by my account, please show your support for this resort by voting for them in the South Asian Travel Awards for 2017, just as I have!

Thanks for tuning in,

Chaos of the Muse



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