Another Message to You.

I’m sending this message to You,

enclosing thawing stubborn words and phrases

that have stumbled at the final hurdle

in the raw test of time.


Each glowing sentence illuminates

from the postponed void of my mind

“I didn’t mean for things to turn out this way.”

The stabbing admittance of my faults

bears an unfamiliar sense of guilt,

testing a dissolving connection

across a path frozen over for too long.


Perfectly punctuating each flowing phrase.

I am in control.

“Can’t we just be civil.”

An awareness of the one-way train ticket I blindly volunteered for,

forever left to chill in that isolated carriage.


We’re both waiting for it,

so hastily overused in its fragile nature –

we both know that I’m subject to that crime.


But it’s different this time,

surely You must know that.

Intertwined with the aged vines of sincerity,

the growth of stagnant time,

it presents itself,

a vulnerable yet resolute beacon:


“I’m sorry.”


You see,

I’ve been sending these messages to You

in bitter repentance

searching for a glimmering slither of peace

denied to me for so long,

before even You.


Withering each day

growing in maturity,

I shall continue to stand in the path of time

with my roots of truth and honesty


I shall continue to wait


So that when You receive this message,

You might somehow realise

that some people are still learning.


And forgiveness is a key

that You alone hold,

which opens a door,

freeing me from the cold.

Chaos of the Muse


12 Replies to “Another Message to You.”

  1. Wow, I totally loved this poem about personal growth and forgiveness that we need to give to ourselves. I think forgiveness is the hardest thing and also letting go of disappointment, resentment, failed expectations, and our own sense of failure and guilt. Great one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately after nearly two years, our relationship has not been repaired. However, I see this as a positive, since I have developed and improved myself with this experience. But most of all, I have learned from my mistakes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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