The Hand Signal and Richard III.

This year, I’m trying to become a more cultured person. So having a best friend who is a frequent play-goer and all round artistic person helps a lot. Last week, together we spent the day together and went to see Richard III in the theatre; I had no idea what I was in for…

First things first. You should know that I don’t really like public transport. I know I sound like a prissy idiot, but it’s sadly true. I don’t like it and I don’t know how to use it. Maybe it’s one of those things where I only hate it because I don’t understand it…

Anyways, thankfully, my best friend is an expert – like most of the things I am below average with – so we took the train together.

Whilst we were waiting on the platform, the sun was melting into dusk, and so I saw a perfect photo opportunity:

*I’m incredibly proud of this photo, not going to lie*

The actual train journey was mildly uncomfortable, with quite a few fellow passengers not bothering to disguise the fact that they knew that I knew that they were listening in on our conversations, but isn’t that the standard on public transport? *sigh*

My partner in crime and I both decided to go have dinner at Pizza Express before the performance. Now, I’m usually not the best with the whole directions thing, but with the trusty Google Maps app on my phone, I felt 100% confident to lead the way to our dinner. My best friend, on the other hand, apparently thought differently.

I accepted the challenge.

After a bit of a rusty start, forgetting which way was right and instead choosing to follow the crowd of people like an absolute idiot, I managed to finally direct us to Pizza Express!

*Italian food is the best!*

Naturally, having not been to the restaurant for what felt like years, I ordered my favourite dish: classic lasagna. Unfortunately, after demolishing the luxurious pasta dish within minutes, I failed to find the patience within me to wait and take a photograph first. Forgive me, I just hope you can survive with just the knowledge that it certainly looked as good as it tasted. Haha.

All in all the meal was delicious – apart from one small HUGE embarrassing moment…

The Signal.

You know. The signal.

That movement you make to catch the waiter’s attention, whether it be a hand gesture or fleeting eye contact.

I don’t really go out much, but when I do, I like to go all out, full force.

So I chose the former.

I know what you’re thinking.

“A signalling virgin, going straight for the hand gesture?

My God, she’s either nuts or ballsy…”

Once again, I am the former.

So my best friend and I are at our table, but we’re in a rush, and so one of us needs to signal to a waiter – since none of them are paying attention to us. I’m the one who is actually facing the waiters, so it has to be me.

In this moment, I know my time has come.

This is it. I’m losing my signalling virginity. It has to be amazing. There’s so much pressure! I’m hoping that it’s not awkward and both of us (me & Mr Waiter) can just forget about everything going on around us and just let everything happen

My heart starts racing. Adrenaline is searing through my veins.

I’m ready.

I lift up a single stiff, awkward arm gracelessly, with my hand contorted into some weird and uncomfortable shape.

A waiter flashes his head in my direction. A look of sheer horror and disgust is displayed on his face. He quickly snaps his head back.

A woman on a date on the table next to us flashes me a similar but more judgemental and degrading look.

Shame engulfs me.

Wicked flames of embarrassment spread through every cell of my body like wildfire.

I was mortified.

Thankfully, my best friend (whilst laughing) consoled me, noting that the waiter was, in fact, quite weird, and it wasn’t just me.

With that, we swiftly paid the bill and hurried to the play.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Richard III. It was entertaining, thrilling and even comedic at times!

We had no idea that the play would be in German until the day; thank God there were subtitles displayed above the actors!

Speaking of, the actors were excellent; I had not expected that I would ever feel scared from someone acting on a stageit was a first for me.

*Our seats were relatively high up, but we could still see the actors clearly.*


There was a live percussionist on a drum kit which added to the music that often played. It was incredibly dramatic, to say the least. At some point there were dark, tunnel-like graphics displayed on the set with the addition of heavy, dark, ear-pounding music. I had never felt more anxious! It was amazing.

There was nudity a couple of times, which was a shocker at first, but after a while I suppose I became desensitised. Sorry Mum.

On the whole, it’s fair to say that it was a day of many firsts. I experienced new things which evoked several different emotions in me.

I seems that, whenever I go out on cultural adventures with my best friend, I always manage to find out new things about both the world and myself.

But what about you?

  • Have you been to a play recently? What was that like?

  • Did you recently experience something for the first time which made you discover something new about yourself?

  • Are you interested in the arts and/or culture? If so, do you have any knowledge or experience to share with me? *I’d love to hear about it!*

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for tuning in,

Chaos of the Muse


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