Valentine’s Day.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday! I’m sure there were many of you, just like me, without a date, so instead I actively celebrated the annual day of love in a way that seems to be fading away…

First thing in the morning, I received a text from my sibling, saying how they loved and appreciated me and that they ought to say it more often than they really do (so cute, I know). With that, I got out of bed and decided that Valentine’s day was not a day for pining for the date that you don’t have, but instead to also celebrate the relationships that you do currently have. For me, that meant dedicating the day to show appreciation towards my family.

I made up my mind:

I was going to make my parents a – hopefully tasty – Valentine’s Day dinner!

Thus, for the majority of Valentine’s Day I was cooking. Or at least attempting to.

After hours of spilling blood, sweat and tears, I finally managed to prepare and present two plates of sea bass, one salmon dish and three raspberry soufflés. I guess you could say I was hella proud…

*see below for recipe links… if you like fish or raspberries, I guess*

My family loved it and were very grateful for my efforts. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out that they too had gone out of their way to show their love for me, gifting me with an adorable silver ring and a box of chocolates (which we later scoffed together).

I suppose what I’d like to share is that Valentine’s Day seems pretty lonely and crappy if you don’t have a “significant other”, but in the end, the day is about showing appreciation for the ones you love, especially if you don’t do so very often. Nowadays, it seems like society can be really pressurising or standardising, so I guess it’s nice to take a step back every so often and just chill with the family!

I’d love to hear from you though!

– How did you spread the love on Valentine’s Day?

– Did you try cook yesterday? If so, how did it go? What did you make?

Thanks for tuning in,

Chaos of the Muse

Teriyaki Salmon:

– Reaaaaaallllyyy easy to make, considering I’m a total beginner cook!

– Tasted extra authentic

* LINK *

Grilled Cornish Seabass:

– Lots of fun to make

– Can be a bit salty with the additional brown shrimps, so add and generally season according to taste!

* LINK *

Raspberry Soufflés:

– Extremely easy

– Interesting to make, since this was my first ever soufflé

– The outcome looked tremendous and it tasted beautiful

– Definitely would make again!

* LINK *

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